Addiction services are personally and fully supervised by Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson – one of the “best doctors” in America, and the recipient of over 100 global patents in addiction, molecular technologies, and brain sciences.

A standout and unique feature of our In-Residence Programs, and philosophy, is that the client is not “shut away” or “isolated” but kept safe and accompanied at all times in an ultra-luxurious in-town or beach 5 star hotel, and can enjoy all the natural benefits of their environment. It is literally, a home away from home. It really is the best combination of advanced medical care with a humanistic approach.

Seven to Ten day, In-Residence, Rapid Recovery 24/7 Supervised Program

Our brief Rapid Recovery Program is designed to stabilize quickly the alcohol and substance use disorder concerns of a client in a safe, personalized, ultra-luxurious, and 24/7 supervised program. Our clients are housed within a 5 star hotel located either inside or within a 5 min ride to the clinic, supervised 24/7 by technician/nurse in an adjoining room, and a full-time on-call doctor. Services inside of the clinic also can be rendered 24/7 to provide a comprehensive and unique recovery and wellness product.

Our services integrate state-of-the art neuropharmacological and supportive services with the use of advanced high-technology approaches that could include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Trans Cranial magnetic stimulation, Theta Chamber, and targeted pharmaco-molecular approaches with microbiome remodeling. Clients after the Rapid Recovery Program typically progress to our outpatient daily or 2-3 day residential program for after care. Clients can be transported to and from the clinic using our chauffeur-driven Bentley.

Twenty-one to Thirty day Comprehensive, In-Residence, Full Recovery 24/7 Supervised Program

This 21 to 30-day program provides a comprehensive treatment program that first starts with the 7 – 10 day stabilization program as described above in a 5 star luxurious hotel located either inside or within a 5 min ride to the clinic. Pursuant to that initial treatment, a unique, customized, and personalized intensive program is developed to support the client towards full integration back into their work and social life. Services also can be rendered within the clinical facilities on a 24/7 schedule. The client’s extended comprehensive stay, will afford the clinical team will the opportunity to also treat and balance their other health needs.

Outpatient and Day After-Care Program

This service is available either as a stand alone treatment, or after transition from the rapid recovery or comprehensive program.  Treatments are personalized, individualized, and customized to the client’s needs. All the same advanced high-technology and clinical support programs are available, and scheduled to optimize the client’s comfort.  Clients also can arrange to be picked up and dropped off at home after treatment by our chauffeur-driven Bentley.

Concierge and Butler services

Casa Privée provides extensive, bespoke, and luxurious concierge and butler services to support all its In-Residence, outpatient, and day programs. Full assistance is never more than one call, email, or an SMS message away.  Commercial or private air, sea, and car transportation can be rendered rapidly and conveniently.  Please visit the concierge and butler service website page for more details or you can simply call (305-748-6286), email (info@casaprivee.com or bentley@casaprivee.com), or send an SMS message to 305-748-6286 for more details.