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At Casa Privée, we have not only the most sophisticated machines available on the market today, but the most experienced staff on hand to guide you through your wellness journey backed by science, and proven methods to address your concerns.

Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson

Professor Dr. Bankole A. Johnson has dedicated his professional life to understanding how the brain works in health and disease, how to optimize brain function to prevent disease, and promote health, wellness, anti- aging, and beauty. Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson has made striking breakthroughs in the brain science, especially for diseases that are associated with poor impulse control.


Prof. Dr. Johnson has been called “one of the leading brain scientists in the nation, and “one of the people making the largest contributions to the study of neuroscience” Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson holds over 80 global patents in the brain sciences, particularly on how genes affect behavior.


The Professor, a licensed physician and board- certified psychiatrist in the United States. He is board certified in psychiatry and Neurology, Addiction, Forensic medicine, and disability assessment. Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson has made many strides in medicine and science which have earned him a myriad of awards.


Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson gained national attention for his appearance in the Home Box Office (HBO) 2007 documentary Addiction, which won the Governor’s Award (a special Emmy Award) from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This being the highest award presented by the Academy. He also appeared on the esteemed 2009 CNN special, anchored by Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, called Addiction: Life on the Edge. Furthermore, Prof Dr. Bankole Johnson is a regular medical correspondent for major network channels in the USA, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Presently, he is the Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Casa Privée., based in Miami, and the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. Professor Dr. Johnson also functions as a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University in Miami.

Carolina Johnson

Carolina Johnson studied medicine and psychology in Central America. She is also a student of Prof. Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard. She specializes in providing our clients the tools to implement healthy habits that boost neuroplasticity and revive areas of our brain, alongside our top technology at the Clinic.

Her expertise is all based on Research, Positive Psychology, and Happiness Sciences to help expand and maintain results from our treatments and therapies with relevant experience related to oxygenation and holistic treatments.


Marion Alvarez, Lead Esthetician

An international medical doctor specializing in aesthetic medicine, with a passion for anti-aging, beauty, and longevity. She focuses her treatments on stimulating collagen production and promoting a younger self from the inside out. With more than 10 years of experience in the latest technologies and advanced aesthetic treatments, she seeks to deliver the most individualized and effective treatments for each of her patients. Her favorite most effective procedures include Potenza, Tempsure, and chemical peels for aging and acne-prone skin. Her comprehensive approach addresses the total health and well-being of your skin.

Daniel Rodriguez, Medical Technician
Jhonny Perez, Lead Medical Consultant

Jhonny Perez was born in Miami, FL. He obtained his medical degree in Iberoamerican University. He serves as the lead medical consultant at Casa Privée. In addition to being part of our team, he is a Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Miami. Providing over 13 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and Prehospital Trauma life support

Anthony Jimeno, Medical Technician

Her expertise is all based on Research, Positive Psychology, and Happiness Sciences to help expand and maintain results from our treatments and therapies with relevant experience related to oxygenation and holistic treatments.


Four Core Services at Casa Privée

Four Core Modalities of Service at Casa Privée that fuse mind, anti-longevity, body, and beauty treatments into a comprehensive whole for the promotion and prolongation of life and happiness. We have over a million curated, individualized, and specific, protocols but for brevity, here are a few as examples

Neuropsychiatry: Casa Privée has world-leading and high technologies to detect and treat neuropsychiatric and habitual disorders. These technologies include:


– TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation that applies a small magnetic current less than in an iPhone to a specific region of the brain over 18 min as a pulsed wave to alleviate: depression.


– Alzheimer’s disease Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and addictions to alcohol, nicotine, gambling, or sex.


– Theta Chamber is a machine famed by Space Program that synchronizes the brain into theta waves which are only achieved in the highest states of meditation. Typically, we get about 8 min/night and our Theta Chamber allows access to over 24 min. One session is like being asleep for 3 days, and renders that level of brain calming and restoration to balance hormonal impulses to help with: sleep dyregulation; jet lag; milld anxiety and depressive disorders (and, therefore, avoid the use of antidepressants); chronic pain; fibromyalgia, and excessive use of alcohol or tobacco.


– Ketamine intravenous infusions both with or without therapy for the rapid alleviation of depression, suicidal thoughts, and the regulation of mood swings. There is new evidence and proprietary protocols we use to alleviate alcohol addiction.


– Microbiome balance is an expertise of ours at Casa Privée to ensure optimal gut-brain balance, which is critical to maintain a positive mood, and also help with irritable bowel diseases.


Anti-aging: Casa Privée strives to extend life and sustaining health by holding back the ravages of aging. The technologies we use are combinative in nature and include:


– Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) provides oxygen at high pressure to the tissues, and is the most powerful anti-oxidant. We possess the most sophisticated high pressure machines found rarely even in major hospitals in Florida.


– When HBOT is combined with regenerative materials and specific protocols, biological age can be held back as much as 5 years! These regenerative products promote cellular growth, improve tissue repair, and act to detoxify the body.

General Physical Conditioning: Casa Privée possesses unique advances technologies to optimize the physical form. These technologies include:


– HBOT (see above) is used here to promote cellular repair and heal rapidly, or improve the outcome from brain and concussion injuries, brain inflammation due to stroke, degenerative disorders like Alzheimers disease, Parkinson’s disease, general body neuroinflammation (e.g. due to mold or Lyme disease), and accelerate recovery from cosmetic surgery. HBOT may be useful in children to increase functioning in attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD), behavioral disorders, and autism.


– Cryotherapy delivers temperatures below -200 F to accelerate tissues repair by improving circulation, drainage of the lymphatic system (which clears toxins from the body), and also helps to boost the immune system. Cryotherapy helps to alleviate injuries, enhances general metabolism, and activates skin receptors to produce more endorphins, and thereby, creates a greater general sense of wellness.


– Red Light Therapy – produces a phenomenon called photobiomodulation to activate the engines of the cell called mitochondria, especially in the skin but also the whole body. It can be used to improve skin conditions like stretch marks, wrinkles, psoriasis, and acne, promote wound repair, and alleviate the effects of chemotherapy for cancer treatment.


– Hyper-T Pro – combines red light therapy with hyperthermia (up to 220 F) as part of our SuperHUman Protocol to create greater physical endurance, stamina, and whole body wellness. We combine this treatment with our depolarizing mat, as well as our exercise machine under oxygen pressure. There is no more powerful method to increase physical fitness.


– Body Sculpting with the Emsculpt Neo – which uses high-frequency electromagnetic pulses and radio frequency to build muscle through contractions and burn fat, respectively. Emsculpt NEO can build up to 25% more muscle and burn 30% fat. We use this procedure to help tone our clients to their needs.


– IV Therapies are curated, specific to the individual and devised to optimize proper vitamin balance and supplementation.


– Weight loss and specialized hormonal treatments, tailored, curated, and individualized are offered, depending on need.


– ShockWave – pulses high pressure air to alleviate or eliminate pain due to spasms, chronic pain, trapped nerves, or the result of an acute injury or sprain to the muscle and tendons.


Beauty Enhancement: At Casa Privée we believe that emotional and physical beauty need to be enhanced. Whilst our neuropsychiatric program can help with emotional beauty, for outward beauty we have several specialized machines. These include machines for:


– micro-needling and skin toning using radio frequency

– hydra facials to nourish the skin and produce that youthful flow

– regenerative medicine products to reverse aging, decrease inflammation, and the harmful effects of sun exposure

– specialized treatments for acne and related conditions.

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